Sun Xingtu’s Beginning of the Asian Cup Sino-Korean War

17 Jan

English Level Docking IELTS Online Friends: What does

On the morning of January 15, the results of the research on the integration of the Chinese English Competence Scale and the IELTS of the British English Examination were officially released. The total score of IELTS is 4.5, which corresponds to CET-4, CET-6 and IELTS-8. The Chinese English Competence Scale is the first English proficiency
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14 Jan

Gas leak in downtown Paris triggered explosion

CCTV News: A gas leak in downtown Paris triggered an explosion, injuring at least 36 people and killing four, including two firefighters. (CCTV reporter Ma Jinjin) Earlier reports: Police in Paris reported that 20 people were injured in the accident, 2 of whom were in critical co ndition and 7 were seriously injured. At present,
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